Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter, everyone!

I am so happy that I have this Easter off. I don't have anything in particular planned, but I worked the last three Sundays in a row (Sundays are my only day off since I'm in school). I am thinking about taking Todd to the park today -- I haven't taken him yet since I got him.

Maybe I will go get my eyebrows waxed today. Hmmm...I have my English research paper to work on, the second room to thoroughly clean so I can get back to my business, and the kitchen to clean. I haven't really had time to unpack yet. I have so much stuff to put away. :( I also have a bit of gardening to do today - just a little trimming here and there and maybe some transplanting. The highlight of my day. lol. Maybe I'll take some pictures and post them when I'm finished.

Oh well. I have to get in the tub so I can get my day started. It's already late. 

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