Sunday, March 9, 2014

School update---It's almost midterms!

So far this semester, school is actually going pretty well. I only have one semester left at Delgado (thank God). In Calculus II, I have an 85 B average so far (85's on both tests); in Chemistry I lecture, a 90.5 A; in Chemistry I lab, a 91.7 A; in English Composition II a 95 A, but the papers we turned in haven't been graded yet and mine was turned in a day late for a letter grade lower; and in Nazism and the Holocaust, I really don't know because we haven't had a test yet. I wonder if we are having a midterm in that class or what. I still have to read both books for my book reports, but it shouldn't take too long I don't think.

So far so good. I am debating on whether to take a class or two during the summer or not. I mean, I only have four classes left to take and three of them are electives (social science, art and literature). I wish Calculus III was taught during the summer, but it's not. Next week on Monday is the day to register for Fall 2014 classes and I can't wait!

My ultimate goal for the semester is straight A's--I have to figure out some way to reward myself if I do reach that goal. A vacation maybe? I have a week at the beginning of June that I will need to take. Speaking of my job, I applied to Whole Foods on Broad St. (the new one) and also for an internship during the summer with a company called Textron. I really want the Textron one because the pay should be excellent and it will build up my resume' for when I get out of school. Either job would be nice though!

It's late now an I should be getting to bed. We have a truck in the morning. :(

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