Saturday, December 21, 2013

Quick post before going to work

I looked at my Delgado account last night and I have a negative balance--yay! This means everything is in Ordnung for me for financial aid for the spring. It looks like I won't be getting anything until mid-February, but I'll have enough saved up by then to get me by for the first two weeks of the move. I'm expecting about the same timeline for taxes as well because with the government standoff this year, the IRS will be running late in accepting returns for processing. January 31st will be the first day they start accepting returns.

I'm having so much fun thinking of how I will put my place together. Having lost everything twice, the thought of starting over is actually not as daunting as it would be to other people. I'm only taking maybe one or two of my dressers (I bought them from my sister and they are really well-made), my kitchen utensils that I bought myself, my business stuff, and clothes. Everything else I am starting over with.

I want to find a place on the opposite side of Carrollton than where I am now because it's much nicer and quieter. Cypress Trace by the expressway is nice too, but they start at $700 and I'm not sure I could really afford that by myself. We'll see!

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