Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I don't want to do anymore writing!

I had my English exit exam today and I really am sick of writing for the week. I don't even know how I did because I felt like part of my was loaded from the Vicodin I took beforehand to deal with my stomach pain (prescribed to me, of course). It definitely helped with the pain, but I hope my essay wasn't as loopy as I felt my thought process was. I only have two more writing assignments to do before Thursday, one of them being optional. I just don't feel like it. My brain is so cloudy between the pain and medication that I don't know which way to go. I also have my English Honors project to work on, which I am procrastinating like mad to finish. Such is school, right? I am not expecting a good grade on that, but anything better than a zero is okay with me. I only want to pass this course--English is enemy.

Today was my first day back from being sick since last Wednesday and I must say I hate my job more than ever. Tomorrow we have our annual corporate visit, so we spent all day making the store look unnaturally recovered. They don't want to hear that it's the first of the month or that the holiday season is upon us. Everything must be perfect. Fucking morons.

I guess I should work on those papers now. I don't want to spend any time writing tomorrow--I have three exams to study for on Thursday. Tomorrow night will likely be spent entirely on Calculus. The other two I can study for the day of the exam.

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