Thursday, December 5, 2013

Finals over!

Finals are finally over! I passed my English exit exam that was Tuesday (woo hoo!). I purchased my Calculus book today for next semester - I rented mine this semester but I just went ahead and bought the one I have. It's not like I may not use it ever again. I actually plan on keeping just about every book that I need, especially if it pertains to my field. I am actually counting on only having to buy my Chemistry lab materials and Psychology book from the bookstore since they are so damned high. As soon as I get a full paycheck under me, I am going to go ahead and buy my chemistry textbook--like my biology book, they're making the science textbooks like looseleaf paper where you just insert them into a binder. I may as well get all of that together well before the semester starts.

The only two things I have left to do for the semester is a presentation for English and a field trip of sorts to the French Quarter for Louisiana History. I am really hoping I can use school as an excuse to get out of work for that day. I am so looking forward to it and I have my camera ready already!

So yeah, as soon as I find out my final grades, of course I will post them on here. I know next semester is going to be especially hard with Chemistry and Calculus together, but at least I am getting this math out of the way. Only three more left to go now - Calc II & III and Differential Equations. Not bad at all. I actually have some pretty cool, down-to-earth kids in my Calculus class that will be moving on with me to Calc II next semester, so that's always nice.

Well, tonight my project is to gather up everything I need for my taxes in January. If I don't do it now, it will never get done!

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