Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Lead.

Last night I hung out with a good friend of mine (the same one from Wednesday) and had a great time once again. I was there for almost four hours and we just talked and laughed and talked some more. One of her guy friend's employees is Lil' Wayne's dad and with my boss's connection to his mom, she decided to look him up on Pandora and see what the fuss about him is all about. She was not amused. Haha. I really wish I had a video recorder for her reaction because it was priceless.

By chance before I left last night I looked on craigslist to check the apartment listings and I think I may have a lead on one. It's a furnished efficiency off of S. Carrollton on this side of Claiborne (it says on the streetcar line) that includes cable, wi-fi and all utilities for $650. I'm pretty sure I can't do much better than that, so I am going to give them a call today while I am at work. I really hope I get it. I am even considering moving out in January if I like the place because it's such a good deal. I'll try to see if I can set something up with them on one of my lunches and get things rolling.

What else? There's something else, but I'll write about that another time. Makes me kind of giddy just thinking about it. ;)

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