Thursday, November 7, 2013

Today was a good day!

Today was actually the best day I've had in awhile. First, in Biology, I found I should be able to reschedule my final exam. I have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but for some reason my Biology exam fell on a Friday. That means I have exams on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of the first week in December. I really can't afford to take off three days of work. I am really thankful he's such a cool teacher. I just have to email him or talk to him after class on Tuesday.

I had a Louisiana History test today and of course that went well. Had to turn in the rough draft of my English research paper and that went well as well. I just need to develop my conclusion more and I had a mistake with punctuation with a parenthetical. Then, finally, I had a Calculus test today and I actually feel quite confident about it! I answered everything, even the bonus. I am 100% sure I got the take-home bonus right too, so yep! Great day, indeed. And then tomorrow is pay day, so what is there really to complain about at this point? :)

So my bank card from Capital One gets reward miles through Travelocity on it now. Of course it takes a long time to accumulate, but I definitely want to go ahead and take a trip with them when I have enough. I'm not saying this year or even next year, but sometime.

I am so happy the weather is finally turning chilly! I was a bit under-dressed today, but that's okay. I bought enough jackets at the end of the season last year and I finally get to use them! :) I saw that the weather will remain cool, so tonight my project is to switch my summer clothes for winter clothes.

'Til tomorrow (hopefully)!

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