Saturday, November 2, 2013

Only a month left

I can't believe there is exactly a month left of this semester. It has gone by so fast! Finals are right around the corner and I'm not even stressing about it (yet). While I don't think it will be a complete breeze, I feel like I have a pretty decent grasp in all of my classes. It's the papers that are going to kill me.

I have to work the next two Sundays which completely sucks, but it's because of the Angola trip last Sunday. I hate how we (as in Tabby and I) have to work several Sundays in a row for trivial reasons like Saints games and then they (Vincent and Joe) just work one, but the one time I ask off on a Sunday that isn't "our" Sunday we have to work two in a row as well. It's not my decision of course, but fair is fair. /rant

I was looking at UNO's website today and I came across a summer internship program from the Department of the Navy that sophomore students can apply for. I'm not sure what I'll be classified as when I get there because of the 29 credits I will have taken by the end of next semester, 26 are being transferred toward my major (I'm going with naval architecture and marine engineering). I am taking Louisiana History (3 credits) now because I needed it for civil engineering when I wanted to do that.  That sounds like sophomore status to me. According to the curriculum flowchart, I am supposed to take 31 credits my first year. So I guess we'll see. I also want to take German classes the entire time I'm at UNO. I may not graduate for another 6 years after this one. Oh well.

It's almost 1am now and I need some sleep for work tomorrow. Saints play at the Jets at noon. Who dat!

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