Sunday, November 17, 2013

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, especially in the last year or so. I believed in a person I shouldn't have, and I severely regret doing so. I don't consider myself to be naive, but only a good person who tries to see the good in other people. I've come to realize the hard way that not everyone is a good person. I tried my hardest and I give up. I stress out enough with work and school, so it's time to do what I have to do. I've said it so many times that I'm not even telling anyone what I do until after it's done. I plan on burning my bridges so badly that going back won't be an option.

On a lighter note, I got an 87 on my Calculus test. Woo! Only three more class days to go until the final exam and one more math test! I still can't believe this semester flew by so fast. I have to figure out what I am doing for my honors English project--it's pretty open-ended and has to deal with propaganda in some way. I can't wait to be done with English, period. I know part of my job once I graduate will be writing reports, but that's fine--I just hate writing actual essays about topics I likely won't encounter later on. Propaganda is something every person should understand, don't get me wrong, but I just hate writing about it. Blah.

I only have two more papers due until the end of the semester, too. One is an opinion paper on whether I think Huey Long was good for the state of Louisiana and one experience paper for Louisiana History. Shouldn't be too bad. Of course, we'll be practicing for the English exit exam probably every day for the last three class periods, so there's always that to look forward to. :/

Enough about school for now. I don't even want to write much about it anymore because I feel like that is all I write about, but this is my blog isn't it?

Tomorrow (technically today) is Dad's birthday. I wish I had a car so I could drive down the road to where he is buried. Speaking of driving, Joe wrecked the car. Tore the front bumper, fender and headlights completely off and damaged the radiator. It's not able to be driven, of course. And he was at fault, so guess who's insurance is going up? Yeah. I've told him so many times he can't drive, but here is the proof!

I've been thinking about New York a lot lately again. Not to live there because I am in school now, but to visit. I'm in desperate need of a vacation out of town. I don't have vacation time until May though, so maybe I can reward myself if I do well next semester. :)

Ah, well. It's 3am (and I must be lonely...had to lol) so I should be getting to bed. I shouldn't have fallen asleep when I got home.

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