Sunday, November 24, 2013

Back to (my) business

I really, REALLY miss my makeup business. I put it on hold for school, but I am seriously considering starting to work on it again. I think it would be so amazing to do that and make enough money so I can actually only do that and school. The money I make at my regular job is adequate for now, but just not kicking it. I get my little loan checks for school twice a year too, so that helps. I am officially going to be in the brainstorming stage after this post---dreaming up color combinations. I am so excited!

I think I may be the only New Orleanian I know who doesn't think D&D smoked sausage is the best smoked sausage ever. Sorry. Bryan all the way.

I only have one test left for the semester - Louisiana History. I just remembered today, so I really should be getting my notes together.

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