Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Told you so.

My Calculus test ended up being a 54. I knew it. :/ I really can't afford to miss even a single day of class, I see. On the upside of things though, I got an 81 on my Biology test (I thought I did worse) and an 84 on my in-class English paper from, like, three weeks ago. Considering I didn't have my book to look back on I think I did pretty well. I wasn't too keen on in-class essays, but we will be practicing a lot for the English exit exam and it really does help. Speaking of essays, I'm writing my first one for Louisiana History. I'll try to post it when I'm done. It's about the Coushatta Massacre of 1874. Extremely depressing, but also a reminder of how far Louisiana has come.

So today I made my first class "friend." Haha. He's a young kid in my Calculus class, and he was saying a few of the kids from our class go over to his house (which is across the street from Delgado) since he has a huge dry erase board to do problems on. I don't know how well that will go over with Joe, but we'll see. I could definitely use the extra practice. He'll be in my next Calculus class too and he's also going to UNO, but for electrical engineering. We'll see.

I don't think anything else is really going on right now. I'm leaning back toward naval architecture and marine engineering at UNO. Lol. I'd like to see how many times I go back and forth between majors, but I do have to make a decision sometime in the spring.

I need to get back to this paper. Until next time!

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