Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Third post in a day! So what?!

I had to post because I totally just taught myself two sections of Calculus. *wipes brow* I missed a class about a week ago and we covered those two sections. I hate asking for help (a weakness that needs to be gotten over, I know), so I just pored over my textbook explanations and voila! Rolle's Theorem, Mean-Value Theorem and Absolute Value Maxima and Minima, you do not scare me!

I know I'll read these entries and think to myself, "Man, those were the good old days, when math was easy!" Haha. Calculus really isn't all that hard to understand, folks. You just have to kind of picture what's going on in your mind and infer sometimes. I actually really enjoy it, but I wouldn't tell anybody that. :)

Rolle's Theorem

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