Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm getting the hang of this!

It feels so good to be able to want to blog again. I never thought there would be so much going on with me, but there is!

For the first time in SEVEN years, I have a real bank account! I had Capital One and then Bank of America when I was in NYC, but I was young and stupid and messed them both up. The other day I received an invitation in the mail to open an account with Capital One! I went to the branch by my job and all I had to do was pay the balance owed (only around $80) and I was good to go! It feels so awesome to be able to go to an ATM and deposit cash into my account. I signed up for the premier rewards checking. It's $14.95 per month unless you keep an average monthly balance of $1,500. Of course with me not having to pay rent until April-ish, that won't be very hard. I have three pay periods in January, and income taxes and student loan money coming in February, so the minimum balance won't be a problem by then. I'm so excited!

My Calculus test is tomorrow! Ahh!! I think I'll do fine with everything but the word problems...Of course that's what I will be studying tonight. I am dedicating Friday and Saturday to history paper-writing and Sunday to studying cramming for biology. There is so much to study, but hopefully tomorrow he will do some kind of extra credit exercise like he usually does.

I need to go on a diet, and very soon. Since Joe got the car, I don't walk anywhere anymore. All of the exercise I get is at school and work, and that's not very much! I think I will just go ahead and eat what I have (I hate wasting) and then go grocery shopping for healthier foods. That sounds good.

Anyway, I need to finish studying so I can get myself some rest. Until tomorrow!

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