Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Baton Rouge, or not?

Today I got kind of emotional thinking about where I want to go to school once I finished with Delgado (next semester!). I would really love to stay in New Orleans, but UNO doesn't really offer any engineering programs that I am interested in. I think I will most likely (hear the uncertainty there?) go for chemical engineering, or maybe even biomedical, but UNO only offers mechanical, civil and marine. Blah on all three, really. With chemical, there are so many different job opportunities, so I think that's going to be the way to go.

So where am I looking to go? LSU! I've never been to Baton Rouge, but I have seen it many times on my many road trips to and from Natchitoches when I lived there for two years. I have no idea what it's like as a city. I know there are a lot of Katrina transplants there, so that's always a good thing (maybe it's a bad thing, I don't know lol). My only concern right now with living there is being able to find a job while I am there. I only need something part time. Ahhh so much to think about!

This coming week and and a half is going to suck, I think. I have a Calculus test on Thursday (which I am totally unprepared for and need to cram!), a General Biology test on Tuesday, and my first Louisiana History paper due the following Thursday. Of course I haven't started on that yet. :/

So off to study I go! I'm determined now to get a 4.0 this semester.

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