Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trying to keep up!

School starts in less than two weeks! I can hardly wait. I've already received an email from my General Biology (for Science Majors) teacher. It just basically tells us which textbook is required for us. Here's the thing. I did a little research and I definitely will be buying as many books off of Amazon as possible.

(from the college bookstore)
New: $113.95 (with free connect code)
Used: $85.45 (plus $32.65 connect code)

(from Amazon)
New: $75.46 (with connect code)

Really? First of all, I was kind of taken aback when I saw that the email said we have to purchase a code to access homework. Really? According to my sister, most of the science courses are like that and for the math courses, you have to pay for access to MathLab. Yeah. Speaking of math, for Calculus, the college bookstore is charging $248.75 for a new book, $186.55 for used, and $111.95 to rent it. On Amazon, a new book is $154.29 with free shipping. Yeah. I'll likely want to keep my Calc book anyway for future reference since I have, oh, THREE Calculus classes to take. Kill me, please?

Bah, this is giving me a headache. 


  1. girl its all worth it in the end...but I was not a fan of mathlab!

  2. Lol I haven't been so fortunate to become acquainted with mathlab yet. Thank God. LearnSmarts and Connects for Biology are enough for me!